Pastor Dale

Dale Vallejo-Sanderson

Founding Pastor

Pastor Dale has retired from this call but remains close to us in thought, heart and prayer. We appreciate his faithful legacy of service to our community

In January of 2001, Bev and I were stirred by God and a small group of friends to begin meeting in our home. We sensed the importance of learning to listen and let God shape our thinking, our hearts and our vision for being His family together. Before long we grew and moved to a school in Kailua and eventually to the Halawa Valley.


It has always been a deep longing and compelling sense of purpose to be God's people in such a way that helps each other discover and learn to live into the true self God created us to be. We have had rich, wonderful, painful and challenging experiences over the years. We have seen the amazing work of God to change and free each other and the agony of struggling with the process of facing our resistance to what God wants to do in each other and through us. We have celebrated meaningful ways God has worked through us to reach others in grace saturated moments of God’s great doing. We are learning to embrace the faithfulness of God in times of uncertainty and difficulty as well as in the full and vibrant moments of His presence. We are learning to become healthy receivers and responders to Jesus Christ together.


It is my great joy and honor to be part of this family. I am moved each day for the privilege to also be serving alongside such special people as pastor over all these years.

Educational Experience:

Fuller Theological Seminary (MDiv)