Pastor Dan

Dan Stringer

Pastor of Theological Formation

What in the world does a Pastor of Theological Formation do? Well, that’s a really fancy way of saying Pastor Dan helps connect our beliefs and priorities with everyday life (and vice versa) as we follow Jesus together. Dan was born on O’ahu and grew up in Mililani, DR Congo, Nepal, and the Philippines as a child of medical missionaries. He met his future wife Rebecca in the 10th grade when they were classmates in the Philippines (ask him about it sometime, it’s a long but cherished story).


Dan is also a Campus Minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, reaching out to graduate students and faculty at the University of Hawai’i. He is ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church and an alum of Wheaton College (BA), Fuller Seminary (M.Div) and UH’S School of Social Work (MSW). Go Bows!


When he’s trying not to be so serious, Dan enjoys playing basketball, collecting baseball cards and learning super easy songs on the ukulele. He also likes bringing his boys outdoors on family field trips. Dan's new book, Struggling with Evangelicalism: Why I want to leave and what it takes to stay, releases in November 2021..


Follow him on Twitter @StringerDan.