Kid's Day

For many of us, Kid’s Day is a highlight of the year, a special Saturday morning at the Women’s Community Correctional Center (WCCC) in Kailua where we facilitate meaningful quality time between incarcerated moms and their children who come to visit. 


Wellspring has been planning and hosting Kid’s Days at WCCC least three times a year for over a decade. We've gotten to know many incarcerated moms in meaningful ways, seen their children grow up, and —more importantly— made precious bonding time between moms and their kids possible. We get much more out of this ministry than we give. 


We do Kid’s Day because we’re committed to seeing that this present generation of children whose parents are incarcerated do not go to prison themselves. 

We also do Kid’s Day because we’re committed to not forgetting about our incarcerated sisters and their children, because we care about the health of our island’s families, because Jesus reminds us that when we visit those in prison, we visit him, too. 

Contact: Susan Soken and Julie Taniyama