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LiveStream Team

Live Stream Team

Our heart is to experience God’s transformative presence in impactful ways. It’s our hope that Wellspring’s livestream team (which includes our worship band, audio team, multimedia and film crew), will encourage, equip and empower our church family & friends to better connect with God. If you’d like to be part of this team that seeks after the presence of God and facilitates these tangible experiences so that healing, refreshment, and renewal may flow, let us know by clicking the button below, we’d love to hear from you! Whatever your experience level is, we’d like to know more how we can partner with you in how God is calling you.


We know life in this pandemic has changed for so many people. Times are hard right now in new ways. Over the past 9 months we’ve been a food distribution site offering free produce & eggs regularly. These days we’re doing what we can to help provide support for families whose children are going to school online. To find more about our keiki learning pods, or to sign up for future food delivery boxes, click below.

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Kid's Day

For many of us, Kid’s Day is a highlight of the year, a special Saturday morning at the Women’s Community Correctional Center (WCCC) in Kailua where we facilitate meaningful quality time between incarcerated moms and their children who come to visit. 


Wellspring has been planning and hosting Kid’s Days at WCCC least three times a year for over a decade. We've gotten to know many incarcerated moms in meaningful ways, seen their children grow up, and —more importantly— made precious bonding time between moms and their kids possible. We get much more out of this ministry than we give. 


We do Kid’s Day because we’re committed to seeing that this present generation of children whose parents are incarcerated do not go to prison themselves. 

We also do Kid’s Day because we’re committed to not forgetting about our incarcerated sisters and their children, because we care about the health of our island’s families, because Jesus reminds us that when we visit those in prison, we visit him, too. 

Servant Leadership Council

This elected group of servant leaders is responsible for building, maintaining, and overseeing the spiritual welfare of Wellspring, as well as for directing and overseeing all her ministries and business affairs.

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