Apr 21, 2019

Dear family and friends,

“Jesus is Risen,He is Risen Indeed” It is Easter Sunday. The true story of Jesus lying dead for three days before emerging alive. From that first day till today, His story has been lied about, dismissed and ignored. Yet, it has never actually been disproved. The overwhelming evidence of multiple witnesses, historical confirmation and its compelling powerful impact on peoples lives from the beginning till today carries the weight of credibility.

I love a true story. True stories speak into my life by challenging my way of thinking and profoundly shape the way I live. A great true story humbles and inspires me to be a better person, a kinder giver to others, and persistent in loyalty.

It is the true story of Jesus love given in His presence in our messy world. His surrendering of His life for our failures. His revealing of God’s power to give all that is needed to begin again, that compelled me to speak to my brother many years ago.

I had grown up under the heavy hand of Dave, my older brother’s, anger and frustration. It was painful for me. Over the years I have come to see his pain, “hurt people, hurt people.” It was on a visit with my brother, nearly ten years after high school, that a friend reminded me of my brothers brutality of earlier days. An unrelenting stirring to talk with my brother kept me up a few nights. I searched my heart for relief and understanding. Was I seeking payback, demanding forgiveness or even him making things right? I realized I had forgiven him some time ago in my early stages of knowing Jesus. Yet I still had this sense of God’s nudging me to talk with Dave about it. In the moment of finally talking with him, my own nervousness revealed it wasn’t over for me as much as I thought. It took a few days for Dave to bring my sharing back up. When he did, he acknowledged his actions and his deep regret. He asked for forgiveness. I told him it was already forgiven. I brought it up, not seeking forgiveness, but freedom for myself and I could now see it was for him as well. This was the day my brother Dave and I began again as true brothers. That was over thirty years ago. We have enjoyed a close and loving friendship. I am deeply grateful for how Jesus led me to that day by His love and life. I was especially grateful in the day my brother passed unexpectedly that we had peace with each other. God’s gift.

I thank Jesus for being alive and revealed by you my dear family,

Pastor Dale

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