Apr 22, 2018

Dear Wellspring Family and Friends,

I miss being with all of you this weekend. Last week, my son Rylan and I flew to Seattle to visit Seattle University as he makes his final decisions regarding college. I had to wonder if it was my son who actually boarded the plane with me as we took off: Rylan was full of things to say and questions galore. This continued throughout our time in Seattle as we visited Seattle U, the Aquarium, the Woodland Park Zoo, and Pike’s Place Market. More great moments were spent tackling a Jason Bourne escape room, and sitting in a gondola on Seattle’s Great Ferris Wheel at a terrifying 175 feet in the air! We had a fabulous time! In four days, Rylan and I made up for six years’ worth of conversation that I could only hope for during his adolescent years.

What was also gratifying for me was knowing that everyone’s blessings were with us for this trip. Nathan, Jensen, and the rest of the family knew the importance of this trip for Rylan and myself. I am grateful to have had this incredible time with my son before he sets off on a new chapter in his life. Despite not knowing exactly where Rylan will end up at college, and a moment of getting lost as Rylan and I tried to walk back to our hotel in the pouring rain, I felt God’s peace in the relaxing pace we enjoyed as we shared this time together.

I also saw my son in a new light. He took great care of me on this trip, helping me with my bags; holding the umbrella to shield us from the pouring rain, and linking arms as we walked so I wouldn’t slip as we made our way up and down steep hills; and being patient and open to whatever the day held for us. There were times in our conversations when I forgot that I was talking to my son and instead, it felt like I was conversing with a good old friend. Talk about God’s peace that surpasses all comprehension! Whatever the moment holds, God presence at all times, in all places, invites us to choose peace.

Shalom my friends,


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