Apr 28, 2019

Dear family and friends,

My good friend Kerry asked me if I would come and visit his Mom while I was in town. He said she had not been doing well and would love a visit. As I entered the house I was surprised to find Mrs. Motts lying on the hospital bed in the living room. Kerry stirred her from her rest, gently telling her I was there. She lifts her head and extends her hand as if searching for mine. It hits me that she is blind now and very weak. Kerry did not say much of her condition going in, so I was a bit shocked, yet wanted to be present to support her. I put my hand in Mrs. Motts hand and she reached up to my face, releasing my hand and gently held my face. We talked for a bit, she asked about my life and told me she was proud of me. It was a final blessing before she left us within a couple of weeks. Mrs. Motts was not my mother by birth, yet she was very much one who cared for me with a mothers love alongside my own mother. While this last visit with Mrs. Motts many years ago has its pain and sadness, I have never forgotten the care and encouragement over the years growing up, captured in that final moment by her bed.

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12. It is a day filled with many memories, feelings and thoughts. Some warm and wonderful and some starkly cold, riddled with pain, even emptiness. We want to be together with you and your family as best you can and we can on that day.

Today, we celebrate with Sybil and Luis, Drew and Yuko, in anticipation of their soon arrivals of their babies. These two couples are not always seen in the worship service because they are serving our children and youth most Sundays in other rooms. So we wanted to gather with them today with a simple and meaningful time to bless and celebrate this special moment in their lives. Please stay and bless them with kind words and touches of encouragement.

Next Sunday, May 5, we are happy to welcome Paul and Kathy Wilson, our Pacific Southwest District Superintendent of our denomination. He is a great leader for our churches and encourager of God’s best for healthy church family. It will good to welcome Paul and Kathy to our family next week.

I miss you today, as I am helping my Mom settle further in her new apartment and prepare her house to sell in Calif. I will return this week. Your prayers are always a gift and I pray that mine are for you.

Pastor Dale

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