Aug 11, 2019

Dear Wellspring Ohana and Friends,

In light of so many recent horrifying news events, whether it be the recent shootings last week, or young children left behind in daycares and schools as ICE detained their parents, I’m aware our world is a difficult place to be for many. I’m not writing this to tell you to vote a certain way or to highlight some unjust or wrong situations over others. Truth is, it sometimes seems there are more troubles going on around us than we know how to deal with in healthy ways without practicing undue avoidance or on the other hand, being reactionary.

This week as yet another school year begins to unfold and we are reminded of the quick passage of time, we need to ask ourselves how we are to be in the world, this messy, tragic, beautiful place. Every one of us has a different amount of time left in this life to live. What is our call that we are meant to live into as followers of Jesus, as people of faith, especially in these difficult times?

Although there are many ways we can answer this question, the pastoral team at Wellspring is focused right now on this one simple vision. C2C — Closer to Christ. This is a holistic vision, one that includes all of who we are. These past three weeks we’ve discussed ways you can “hydrate” as you move C2C, ways you can strengthen your soul’s connection to Christ through reading scripture, practicing Sabbath, worshipping. However, the vision of C2C doesn't just end with the connection between you and Jesus. It’s not just a vision for a better devotional life. It is also formational, which means it has to do with who you are becoming.

Every action we take in life forms us somehow— the choices we make about our time, money, what and who we listen to and how we engage with those around us, in good times as well as bad. These are character-building, character-shaping acts. Every day we are being formed, shaped. Who are you being formed to be? Are you being formed into the image of Christ?

As we continue to progress in this sermon series, I want to remind you not to compartmentalize who you are as Christians, and who you are as citizens, parents, spouses, friends, grandparents, coworkers. Moving C2C isn’t just a call for our “spiritual” side, but for all of who we are. Yes, it includes hydrating our personal connection to Jesus, but it also includes renovating our souls. This means allowing God’s Spirit to work with our assumptions, values, hopes, traumas, pains and questions— as we are shaped and formed to be God’s very life of love embodied in the world. That is who we are meant to be, who the Church is called to be.

Yes, time is ticking away. Another school year has come and gone. Tragedies and bad news surround us. Yet God beckons us to draw nearer still. Let’s not be afraid or hesitant, these next few weeks, to allow God to begin anew the process of renovating our souls. It’s time well spent!

Pastor Rebecca

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