Aug 4, 2019

Dear Wellspring Family & Friends,

When my 96 year old Aunty Abby passed away early last Sunday morning, she took her last breath peacefully. Days prior had been rough; she had stopped eating; falling in and out of restless sleep. So, when Pastor Rebecca came to be with her and the rest of my family two days before her passing, Aunty was comforted by the sweet songs of worship. “Jesus Loves Me”, and “Amazing Grace” calmed her down almost immediately. God’s love enveloped his ailing daughter in song.

We were able to join hands in prayer and thank our Heavenly Father for Aunty’s life and ways that she blessed each one of us. As I stood next to my dad, holding his hand, I realized the power of our loving God to bring people together in difficult times. In my often times challenging relationship with my own father, I felt my dad’s hand grasping mine as we prayed. I saw his vulnerability and compassion as he spoke words of gratitude and said farewell to my aunt, while stroking her face one last time.

When my aunty took her last breath, I saw my uncle courageously let go of the love of his life for over 75 years. That same morning, I was comforted by our prayer and worship time here at Wellspring. Despite being sad, I wanted to be here, with all of you, my church family. You blessed and comforted me with your words and hugs. It was important for me to also share what God had been teaching me in my sermon about Sabbath through my time shared with Aunty and Uncle. I understand better now that Sabbath is the “sacred” and “holy” space that God gifts to us, where God meet us and affirms his presence in our life and ours in His. While a dedicated time set aside for Sabbath is a best practice for wholistic health, when it’s difficult to do so, God will still meet and bless us with sacred and holy space and time.

In the quiet of late nights and early morning hours with my aunty and uncle, he provided Sabbath blessings of meaningful connection in my relationship with Him and with my aunty, that I will always treasure. Especially Aunty’s smile that invited and engaged others, and said to all of us, “I’m good. I’m okay”. So, how was your sacred time with Jesus this week? Why do I ask? Because God truly cares for you and your soul to be nurtured by Him. As do I. How did your Sabbath time bring you closer to Christ? And with others? Be blessed and be a blessing to each other,

Pastor Cheryl

These are the hands of my aunty and uncle: hands that represent love, joy, and acceptance. Hands that held one other every night as they went to sleep. Hands that symbolize God’s heart for good in our lives….

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