Dec 2, 2018

Dear Wellspring Ohana,

Happy beginning of Advent! Advent is a season of the church year all about hopeful waiting. And honestly, waiting can be hard to do. Just ask anyone who’s ever waited, anywhere. It’s difficult to wait when what we’re waiting for is something fun, that we’ve been hoping for. Our youngest son can attest to this during his most recent birthday celebration. He had to wait until after Thanksgiving dinner to open his presents, and that was a very tough thing for him to do!

It’s also difficult to wait when what we’re waiting for isn’t something so fun, like when you get stuck on the H1 in traffic, waiting to go to work. Or perhaps waiting for a phone call from the doctor with recent test results, or waiting to hear back from a loved one who is far away.

In Advent we wait for God’s coming. This might sound a bit strange, because of course, we know that God has already come to us in Jesus, born 2,000 years ago in a little town that had no room for him. And now we’re waiting for his second coming, his next Advent, hoping that we will have grown to be people who’ve made room for him. So our waiting isn’t a passive thing, but rather, through our maturing actions, we grow to be people who can receive the gifts God has for us in the here and now – the most important gift being that of God’s own Self.

Right now as a church we’re waiting for the treatment, recovery and healing of Bev and Pastor Dale, who started this church over 17 years ago in their living room and continue to shepherd and bless our community to this day. As we wait, I see you doing such a good job of showing them your love and being God’s provision for them, even as they have been God’s provision for us. You have made room in your heart to receive the gift God has for us in this moment, being givers towards those who have given so much.

What else are you waiting and making room for this Advent season? I’m waiting for and making a bit of room in my schedule for moments of peace and calm where I can sit with family and talk story. I’m waiting to light a candle and sing “Silent Night, Holy Night” with you all on Christmas Eve. Most of all, I’m waiting to celebrate the child in whom we are all born as children of God.

As the saints of old used to say, “Christ has come, Christ is coming again.” May we have grace to wait in the in-between as growing people who have made room.

Pastor Rebecca

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