Dec 22, 2019

Dear family and friends,

I love the Christmas season. Though it is not always easy. I find this time of the year still captures my mind and heart in the midst of problems, challenges and reminders of loss that Jesus came to find His way into our world, our families, our hearts with great good.

I am moved by the different responses that surround Jesus beginnings. Powerful people were threatened. Smart men were intrigued to pursue. Those standing by were amazed by the words of simple shepherds. These people of the fields returned to their sheep and fellow shepherds changed by joy of gratitude. And Mom, she had special treasures to hold of deep thoughts and hopes to savor in her soul.

I am both glad and sad in this, as in most Christmas seasons. Glad for enduring friendships, saddened by those that have slipped away. Glad for vivid memories of care and comfort in distressing times, saddened by the pain and loss that persist. Glad for the daily strength Bev finds as her cancer slowly creeps into her bones, saddened that she has this everyday to contend with. I am glad that our son’s, daughters in law, and grandchildren are close at hand now, saddened my Mom, Dad, Step-Mom, and sister join me in feeling the loss of my brothers presence.

I am so glad in this particular season for the many years of Christmases we have relished together. Multiple candles lit, extravagant potlucks and meals, gifts exchanged, hugs embraced, tears shared, spirits restored, encouragement served, kindness applied that heals. I am continuously glad for how the glimmering hope, the calming peace, the surprising joy and the tender love of God in Jesus Christ is so vividly brought to my heart and this world through you our dear Wellspring family.

I’m saddened for the many moments I have missed by being away from you so much this year. I am saddened to know that what lies ahead comes changes that we could not have expected.

Mostly, I am deeply, gratefully, joyfully and warmly glad to know you, love and be loved by you. May the best of Christ and His presence in this Christmas season be present to you throughout this new year.

Pastor Dale

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