Dec 29, 2019

Dear family and friends,

It was wonderfully moving to be with you on Christmas Eve at our candle light service. I have cherished these services over the years. This past Tuesday night added another gift to my mind and heart of the power of Jesus presence shared together. The songs of old that bring fresh meaning to this seemingly obscure infants birth, but that actually changed the world forever. The bible readings and pastoral reflections that invited us again to welcome the amazing story of God birthing new hope through the birth of His Emmanuel presence in Jesus. The Halau invited us to receive the light of the world; “He is the song of the suffering, He is Messiah, The Prince of Peace, O come, O Come Emmanuel”. Candles awaited us to welcome the healing hope, the calming peace, the uplifting joy, the enduring love of Jesus. We moved closer to Jesus, one candle, one heart at a time.

One of the last persons to come forward was in a wheel chair guided by Norman Yoshida. The woman got close to the candles and yet the limits of her reach prevented her from reaching the candle of Jesus. Andy kneeled down, lifted the log with many lit candles, bringing one unlit one meant for her close enough for her to extend her hand so she could touch the candle with hers.

I just happened to turn to catch a glimpse of this beautiful revealing of Jesus presence shared. From that moment I have thought deeply of how this captures what I see as the life and ministry of you, our Wellspring family. A genuine, caring and responsive people to the needs of others. You give that others may be helped to find their way to know Jesus in personal and profound ways.

As Bev and I continue on this path toward retirement of my call here as one of your pastors, I know this brings questions, concerns, sadness, and many layers of feelings that come with change, we feel that as well. Change brings a releasing and a welcoming of new. God’s hand has brought us this far through many changes. He has shaped our hearts this far to know and serve Him. He will continue to guide us in whatever changes lies ahead for each of us, of this I am certain.

I thank God for your heart to love, walk with and serve God, each other and all whom He brings you to by His hand and heart.

Pastor Dale

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