Oct 14, 2018

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Dear family and friends,

My Mom has a room in the Quail Lodge Senior independent living community in her home town of Antioch, Calif. She began paying to be there since mid-Sept. She has yet to spend a single night. Each time I talk to her on the phone, she tells me she has changed her mind. She doesn’t want to go there. She wants to stay in her house by herself. As in the many times before, I ask her again why. I listen to her thoughts, her fears and uncertainties about all these changes. It is understandable. This is a big life change for her. She has had only a couple of visits to this new community. Though they have been good experiences, her fears and uncomfortableness for change loom larger than her limited experiences there.

From listening, I remind her of the need for support, friendships, security and guidance in her growing confusion. She remembers and relaxes, for now. In her heart and mind she knows it is good and needed, yet still a scary and big step of change.

So with Bev’s recovery coming along well, and chemo on the near horizon, we felt this was a window of opportunity for me to go and literally walk my Mom into her new home. The timing is perfect in the sense that this Wed. Oct 17, is the one year anniversary of my brothers passing. So there is much relief from my Mom that I can be there for moving and remembering David.

Knowing and experiencing the truth and good are two parts of the same process for our lives. Sometimes knowing helps us experience the good. Sometimes experiencing leads us to knowing. They both are God’s way of bringing His saving Good News into our lives for eternity. Bev and I are deeply moved and inspired by the tender and overwhelming ways of experiencing the presence of Christ in your ways with us, with each other and this world of all God’s daughters and sons.

I celebrate the heart you give to receiving and responding to Christ good in new and meaningful ways in and through our Father’s Wellspring family.

Gratefully yours in Christ.

Pastor Dale

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