Feb 2, 2020

Hello Wellspring Family & Friends,

We truly missed being with all of you last week as we attended practical and impactful classes required for ordination by our denomination in Chicago. It’s good to be home with you. Checking in, we’d love to ask— “How are you doing?” We realize we’ve shared a lot of information with you at our annual budget meeting two Sundays ago. To recap, we voted to approve the budget for 2020 that was prepared based upon our staying here at our current location. We are estimating a $69,000 lease rent increase this year as of January 1, 2020, although we have yet to receive final written confirmation from Queen Emma Foundation.

To help address this sobering challenge, we as a church also supported having a commercial realtor assist us with finding a sublessor or tenant to lease or rent all or a portion of our building to help eliminate or offset these exorbitant expenses. We as a church also supported looking for places in and around our community to move to in the event that we find a new tenant or sublessee to occupy our property. These possibilities are all factors that will affect the 2020 budget, and so most likely, we will share an amended budget with you as things progress further in the year. Let’s continue to be open together…open to praying, listening, and discerning God’s instructions for our Wellspring home. When necessary, moving is something that families are able to navigate together (Pastor Rebecca can speak to this, having moved many times as a child and young adult!)

I was reminded this past week during our Covenant orientation class that our Loving Father’s purpose and deepest desire for us is to love and be loved with all our heart. His love finds a home in our hearts no matter where we are worshipping Him.

In our current season of “Renewal”, we are also preparing for Pastor Dale’s retirement on February 23rd. Pastor Rebecca and I will continue to serve on the pastor team. Yes, there are changes ahead. Yes, loss is a very real part of changes. Yet at the same time, loss invites new growth and life, which is springing into being in our church community.

As we move forward, we urge you to continue to reach out to us as well as the Servant Leadership Council with your questions and concerns and share how you are feeling. No questions are too small or too big— we want to be open with each other. We are setting off on a GREAT ADVENTURE and we don’t want to miss what God has planned for all of us during this time of renewal. Be in. Be committed. Be blessed!

Leading by His Love,

Pastor Cheryl & Pastor Rebecca

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