Feb 9, 2020

Dear family and friends,

Jim, Hollis, Nancy, Dawn, are a few of the close friends whom I mostly see once a year at our denominational pastors gathering called Mid Winter. We may also talk or text a bit through out the year. The greatest highlight of my time at the annual Mid Winter gatherings are the mutually inspiring talks over meals, coffee, and late night refreshments. Our sharing with each other picks right up from our last conversation, sometimes even from a year ago. It often feels as if it was just a few weeks since we last talked.

I’ve learned a great deal about how true, life giving friendships not only survive, but actually can thrive over great distances and time apart. I am deeply grateful for the wonderfully caring and inspiring friendship I share with many of you. I believe these are the beginnings of eternal friendships we will enjoy with God forever. As friendships grow and change, so also the context of our connection is on the verge of a substantial change.

Sunday February 23, will be my last Sunday as your pastor of Wellspring. This has been a deep and enduring honor, privilege and meaningful place and way to serve, share my gifts and to grow as a person and pastor. You have given me the freedom, love and faithful trust to help me be true to God and His call on my life. We have shared a very personal and adventurous journey together.

It is upon us to give time and space for each other to allow for God to do a new, good, and renewing work in fresh ways for you, for me and for the life and ministry of Wellspring.

We may not know all that God is going to do, yet we do know what He has already put in place for now that is good.

It is amazing that in my transition from this call as your pastor, God has given such good pastors to continue to bring us all into a new season of renewed growth.

Bev and I will be always praying with gratitude and joy for your friendships in this time apart. We pray with excitement for how you will be able to thrive in new ways together in this new season.

I encourage you to give yourself to know, care for, love and uplift Pastor Rebecca, Pastor Cheryl and all the wonderful servant leaders God raises up. As you have added so much to my life and way of being a pastor, so I know you will add so much to Pastor Cheryl and Pastor Rebecca’s life and way as your pastors.

I thank God for you dear friends,

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