Jan 12, 2020

Dear Wellspring ‘Ohana and friends,

Over these past three weeks, many of you have asked Pastor Cheryl and myself how we’re doing in light of the news of Pastor Dale’s retirement. Regardless of other emotions that have come and gone, what has remained ever since our first conversations about this as a pastoral team back in November has been a deep sense of peace and “right-ness” about Pastor Dale’s retirement and the timing thereof. We strongly feel God’s hand at work in the situation, providing time and space for Pastor Dale and his family to undistractedly be together at such a holy time in their family’s journey.

What Pastor Cheryl and I are also feeling deeply in our souls is a renewed commitment to seeking and pursuing God and God’s renewing and healing ways with each of you. As we step out together this new year and into this new season, the two of us are praying and welcoming God’s presence to renew, refine, and revive what is good, true, and beautiful about our community.

As Pastor Dale steps down from the pastor team on February 23, Pastor Cheryl and I are ready and able to continue serving you as we are needed and called. Although there will undoubtedly be challenges (as there are every year!) at the same time we feel secure and vastly hopeful in our God who is eternally present and powerful!

We’re excited to see how God’s inviting and healing love continues to express itself in our community — in new ways as well as old— as we journey together this new year.

With you and for you,

Pastor Rebecca with Pastor Cheryl

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