Jan 28, 2018

Dear Wellspring Family & Friends,

We are days away from February, but already we’ve experienced “new beginnings” as a church family: our bittersweet releasing of Pastor Cindy to plant new roots in North Carolina, and the invitation to each of you to discern and commit to being part of new Wellspring priorities for 2018 and beyond. We certainly hit the ground running.

Just before every new year begins, I personally look forward to making a special trip to Barnes & Nobles bookstore to select my new calendar for the coming year. I’ve found a favorite type that’s just the right size for me, bound in leather. Each year, as I peruse their selection, the big question is “what color” do I feel like looking at the entire year? You might call it an annual pilgrimage of sorts for it gets me thinking and stirring about what the year ahead holds. When I buy it and bring it home and unveil its pages, I look forward to the very first time I commit pencil to paper with a word or a name. In essence, I am recording part of the story of my life. Who I meet, when I meet them, and what I’m meeting them for. Using the iPhone as a calendar is just not the same. Some chuckle at the antiquity of my ways, but somehow, seeing things on paper, visually, helps prepare and calm me no matter how busy.

The same process holds true for me with pondering, praying and discerning what my personal word from God is for each new year. A word, that I can write out and see everyday; that will challenge me to take steps to grow and change for the better; that focuses me to be more deliberate about who I am; and that connects me to my Heavenly Father to a deep and dependent wholeness. This year, God’s word for my life is “Purposeful Pace”. I realize I fall short in seeking God’s guidance and hand to help me be intentional about setting a better pace for my life. I’ve come to appreciate moments of slowing down to sit quietly in God’s presence. I’ve come to love feeling that I’m “all here” with people I meet and in places I go . I’ve come to wholeheartedly believe that God values and loves me and wants more of me to be a healthy balance of spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. I’ve come to acknowledge that we do the best that we can at a particular moment, and God is really is good with that effort. My word of the year will challenge me to make this realization a lifestyle reality.

With God’s purposeful pace for me (and my new calendar in hand), I welcome this new word for this new year in anticipation of refreshment and restoration of my soul. What about you?

With Love and Blessing,


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