July 14, 2019

Dear Family and friends,

“Aloha Ke Akua, a hui hou”; While on Kauai, the elderly matriarch, Mama Kahu, would say this often, and sometimes remind me, “I’m telling you, God’s love be with you till we meet again.” Her consistent sharing was a parting for the time and a reminder we are still part of each others lives by God’s grace.

On this day, I am deeply moved with gratitude for each of you. I feel released to make the most of this Sabbatical time to allow a different pace for God to restore and renew my soul.

I pray that this season is a releasing for each of you, and as our Wellspring family, to find God bringing fresh and new ways to grow.

While we are lovingly releasing each other for these months, many of you have impressed on my mind and soul that we still remain close to each other in our hearts by God’s grace.

This challenging season has stirred in me a greater longing to become closer to Christ. The abundance of changes and the pursuing demands has stretched my being to new depths. My need for Christ has grown in the face of my capacity and its limits to manage many new details while attempting to be supportive to the persons in our family, with you and beyond.

The weariness has heightened my missing the meaningful experience of having strength to be as thoughtfully present as I am use to, so to help others come closer to Christ.

Weariness can be an awakening to God’s call to tend to my soul. Kindness comes as encouragement in this time of tiredness to be true to who and how God made me to be and serve Him. This Sabbatical is a time to embrace in peace God’s way in my life. I cherish you and your encouraging way over the years that has allowed me to be and become more and more of the person, pastor, friend and brother with you and hopefully for God’s best.

As God remains close to heart for me, each of you also bring a special glimpse of His goodness as well. I pray you may know His wonderful presence as remaining with you, and know I am with you and for you as well.

Aloha Ke Akua, a hui hou.

Pastor Dale

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