July 7, 2019

Dear Family and friends,

“Ren-o-vate”; to make new again. I remember when Bev and were going to get help from, Ian, our contractor friend to change out an old wall in our living room. It was poorly built, a left over from the previous owners work on the house. Weeds from outside were growing up through gaps in the panels, sunshine peered through cracks in the shelves. It was time for a change.

As we talked with Ian, he shared vision of doors leading out to our back yard in place of the wall. Before long we realized the kitchen needed new cabinets and counters, our bathrooms begged for new showers and sinks, fresh paint for all rooms. Even the new doors that replaced the back wall now could be opened to a new lanai for us to enjoy. These renovations has allowed us to have new, wonderful family times. These changes has also allowed us to open our home to more and more family and friends to share life and love together in special gatherings. Our house and our lives were made new again through these renovations.

It is with great joy and gratitude that I welcome President John Heinrich and his wife Julie to be with us this morning. It is consistently clear that John has a compelling vision and experience of the Holy Spirit of God renovating God’s people for meaningful ministry and life. The Holy Spirit is God’s contractor that brings fresh insight, new strength, tender mercy for healing and care and profound love for all. God works both deeply within us and widely through us.

Next Sunday, July 14, will be my last Sunday with you before I begin my five month Sabbatical. I will miss you and already look forward to returning made new again through the renovating work of the Holy Spirit of God during this season. I pray and trust God that this season will also be renovating for each of you as well in my absence.

I thank God for you and your heart to live and love by His lead,

Pastor Dale

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