June 2, 2019

Dear Wellspring Family & Friends,

Ten years ago, my family and I welcomed a 10 year old boy from the Philippines into our lives when decided to sponsor Kim through Compassion International. Over the years, Kim has grown and become a young man, taking classes at college level as a culinary major. He also continues to help his parents around the home with his four other brothers. Over the years, the letters we receive from Kim reflect a deep and meaningful personal relationship with Jesus. He continues to attend church and discipleship classes and truly has become a young man of God. We continue to support him because I’ve seen the positive changes and growth that come from experiencing Christ’s when someone believes in you and values you

A few years ago, as Kim became an adult, our family decided to sponsor “one more”, because we believe in the mission and vision of Compassion International. Komi, from Togo, Africa, began drawing us pictures in his letters and now, at age 7, he shared his favorite bible verse (John 3:16), and loves Jesus because, “He died to save me.” And then, there was “one more” as Nathan felt compelled to add Ryan from Indonesia, to our Compassion children.

Many of you are experiencing the same blessings having decided to sponsor a Compassion child and more. I cannot imagine what life is like living in a country with extreme poverty, poor health conditions and the dangers of children being exploited and at risk every second with no opportunities to know Jesus. I do feel that as Compassion International finds these children and shepherds them with Christ’s love, the hope increases for a better life, knowing Jesus is by their side the entire way.

If you are an aunty or uncle to one of these Compassion children, “thank you” for your gift of time, finances, love and compassion. If you may be considering to become one or have room for “one more”, we encourage you to be open and responsive to God’s stirring, leading, and blessing in your life.

Love in Christ, …… Pastor Cheryl

Kim (then)
Komi (3 yrso ago)

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