June 30, 2019

Dear Wellspring Family and Friends,

Hello from Chicago! Summer is when I visit ministry supporters on the mainland to share what God has been doing on campus among grad students, faculty and staff through the work of InterVarsity at UH Mānoa. Today I’m preaching at the same church in Chicago where Rebecca and I got married 16 years ago. It’s a joy to reconnect with old friends and update them on our progress. Wonderfully, Rebecca and the boys are able to join me this time. After Chicago, we’ll fly to Florida to visit other ministry partners and spend a few days with Rebecca’s sister.

Reflecting on the past 9 months since starting this new ministry, I’m stirred by the idea of God as the divine Gardener, which Pastor Rebecca preached on last week from John 15. Since moving back home to O’ahu, God has cultivated many opportunities for prayer on campus, fellowship groups, and new friendships. I’m reminded how God invites each of us, regardless of where we work, to do simple things for the Kingdom— like planting seeds of faith and looking for opportunities to share God’s love with others. It can feel like a lot of work, but the good news is that God our Gardener is working ahead of us and all around us! God our Gardener positions us near sunlight and water to help us grow. Jesus is God’s vine connecting us to the source of all life. As we “stay tight” with one another through the true vine, God’s fruit abounds to bless the world. In short, God does the work that we can’t do for ourselves. What good news!

It’s a joy to “stay tight’ with you, joined in mission, connected by a growing community, called to share God’s faithful love for all. Although my family may traveling this week, our hearts are with and for you. I’m also excited to know that two new resource leaders, Jensen and T.J., are being welcomed to Wellspring staff to serve our Youth and Children’s ministries. May their time serving us in this way be a multidirectional gift that mutually blesses their families and our Wellspring community.

Thankful for you,

Dan Stringer