Mar 13, 2020

Hello dear Wellspring friends and family!

First, let me say that I’m glad we can celebrate together this Sunday with the Wheaton College Gospel Choir for their 2020 Hawai’i Tour. These college students have so much to teach us about loving and serving God. I have wonderful memories of the Gospel Choir leading our student body in worship back when I was at Wheaton, and I’m glad we can share our aloha with them today.

Next, beloved family, in light of COVID-19’s spread and impact, please know that Wellspring’s leadership team is seeking to flex and adapt in order to care well for our church ‘ohana, as well as for those in our community that God would have us minister to through this crisis. This past week I’ve read lots of articles, sifted through countless news stories, and had many conversations with pastor friends around the world, including a video chat with a dear childhood friend who is pastoring a large church in Singapore in healthy ways, even in this pandemic.

I've come to this conclusion: this is a key opportunity for us to listen well and join the mission of God seeking good, not just for our church alone but for our local community as well. With that in mind, please know pastor Cheryl and I have pulled together a health team comprised of representatives from the Prayer & Comfort team, Servant Leadership Council, a doctor w/ public health background, psychologist, and the pastor team. We'll be using a manual from Wheaton College’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute on “Preparing your church for Coronavirus.” This guide will help us think through different contingencies and ways Wellspring needs to faithfully respond as we move forward in healthy and helpful ways through the worst of this pandemic in the weeks ahead. We’ll be in touch this week via e-mail and on our facebook page regarding thoughtful recommendations from this team moving forward.

I don't think it's a coincidence that our “Great Adventure” series we planned out weeks ago has us studying Noah, the flood, and the ark this Sunday. When it looks as though the floods around could wash us away, please know that God has prepared and is preparing a way through. Like Noah, it's going to require us to do some work, but we trust God will be present with us, guiding and leading, even in the details. These waters will subside. In the meantime, who are we being formed to be? How might God want us to build a way through? I'm praying that we might listen well. Please pray, too.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rebecca

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