Mar 17, 2019

Dear family and friends,

I am overjoyed to be with you sharing God’s love and His word for us. Almost 14 months ago we were saying our good-byes as I was following God’s call back to my hometown in North Carolina to care for my parents.

In March of last year, I was unpacking boxes, both mine and mom’s, as we were settling into our home together following her long struggle after a heart attack and extensive open heart surgery. Mom was wearing oxygen and could barely climb up the stairs from our garage. Today she is walking two miles a day and climbs those stairs like a pro with no need for oxygen. Thank you for all your prayers and love.

Daddy is still living in a nearby nursing home due to mobility limitations and Parkinson’s Disease. He is doing wonderfully well. Since I moved back, he has taken on leading worship services as pastor with his little community there. He has discovered renewed purpose that encourages him to strive for better health and a fuller life. It is a joy to support him and his special congregation when possible.

I have the honor of serving as a Home Hospice Chaplain as well as an Acute Care Chaplain at a couple area hospitals. My life is full. As I said good-bye to life in Hawaii, and considered the life I would have in our small town in NC, I thought my life was becoming smaller. Yet, God has led me to broad horizons and deep experiences that have enlarged my life and possibilities with Him. As I let go of what was, I am able to embrace what is.

Today, we will look at Jesus’ words from the cross to his mother Mary and his beloved disciple. We will see that during the darkest, ugliest and most painful time of their life together, they let go of what was to embrace what is. The power of family connection through Christ enabled them to move on to the greater possibilities of life. This same power of family connection with you enabled me to live into the possibilities of this past year. Thank you for being family to me and to each other.

Your Sister,

Pastor Cindy

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