Mar. 20, 2020

Difficult times have always been an opportunity for the people of God to come together in new and fresh ways. I’m reminded of the story of the children of Israel in the books of Exodus and be-yond. After being miraculously freed from slavery, they had to adjust to the new challenge of jour-neying through the wilderness towards their new home. God gave them the gift of growing into a new future of freedom, greater community and worship, but it required them to band together and change the way they were used to doing life in order to make it through.We also are facing some challenging times as we listen for the call of God in how to best respond and adapt in light of COVID-19’s spread. We know it is God’s will for us to grow in community as a church ‘ohana and for us to join in God’s mission of reaching the lost, the least, and the left-out.With that in mind, based on the recommendation of our health team and Servant Leadership Council, we’ve decided to temporarily move our worship gatherings and other large meetings on-line. (Links provided below). Our pastoral team, leadership, and health team will be regularly moni-toring the situation to discern faithful next steps. Although I’m hoping we can meet to worship in-person for Easter, at the same time we will need to be flexible as we adhere to health guidelines and listen for God’s wisdom. This situation is only temporary. In the meantime, God wants us to resist the pull of isolation by finding creative ways to be together. Many people are worried and anxious, not just about their health or the health of their loved ones, but about their finances, jobs, future. Others are frustrated by the disruption this has placed in their lives. This is a time for us to grow in “small church” community, much like the early church did in their own challenging times. I will be e-mailing you more about opportunities to reach out to the greater community at large around us as well as oth-er opportunities for us to connect during the week using some amazing technology that is avail-able these days (you won’t even have to download anything, just click on the link provided!)Please know our pastoral and leadership teams remain in daily prayer for each one of you. We want to hear from you, pray with you, listen to you. We encourage you to please keep in touch by phone (phone numbers listed below) and through our website www.wellspringcovenant.hawaii.orgas well as our public facebook page, (You don’t need a Facebook account to view our posts as well as the livestream that will be posted there of our Sunday services.) Pastor Rebecca will be posting devotionals and links to online meeting groups where we can “see” each other, read and study scripture, check in with each other, and grow in meaningful “small church” community. Once again, you don’t need a facebook account in order to view these posts, click on the links to watch Sunday’s worship service, and join our “vir-tual” groups during the week where we can see and hear from each other. We may be exploring other platforms as well to stay connected— we’ll keep you posted via e-mail!Our church office will remain “open” in the mornings but we’ll respect the directives to have no more than 10 people in a social space. We are also available to you via phone and e-mail throughout the day.This is a radical invitation for us to do life together, not just on Sunday, but throughout the week. Today we’re having a prayer meeting from 4-5pm. The link is listed below. All are welcome to join. Even when everything appears to be temporarily shutting down around us, may our hearts remain open to God and one another.

Blessings,Pastors Rebecca, Cheryl, and Dan.

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