March 8, 2020

Dear Wellspring Church,

I recently found myself reminiscing about the days that I had my very own apartment while attending law school. One of the main reasons I loved this apartment was that it felt like home for that season of my life. The apartment was an older unit; charming with dark wood, brick, and a fireplace! A neighborhood squirrel would often come and perch on my porch. When I moved in, I loved setting up and transforming an empty space into what would serve as my comfort and sanctuary after feeling beaten down and broken by how little I knew in the presence of lofty professors and endless required reading. I loved entering home. Even though I wasn’t particularly walking close with the Lord during that time, it was the place that I could find His grace and mercy most when I needed it most.

This church, once a big old warehouse painted all over in bright robin egg blue, was transformed into a welcoming gathering place where God has been present and at work for the past 10 years. With limitless mercy and grace. And now, begins a new season.

As we literally take steps to move according to the Holy Spirit’s lead, we are on a quest to being more financially free so that we can pour more fully into ministries to serve and grow God’s Kingdom. What this means is being free of lease rent and mortgage payments. We have two tasks to accomplish in order to find more financial freedom: 1) to find a meaningful partner that will share a portion or take on all of our space and costs; and 2) to find a new gathering place for Wellspring.

We’ve always invited participation, yet, this time the call is different. Where we worship affects every one of us, and thus requires everyone’s help. Our Informational Briefing after service today will give you enough to begin to know what we are looking for in the way of partners (buyers/lessees) and meeting places. Please stay. Please prayerfully consider whether you would like to be part of the two task teams. Even if you don’t feel called to be a part of the team, it’s important that you stay attuned to conversations, people, and places that you encounter in everyday life that you could approach to ask if they are interested in our building or if they have connections to a place for us to gather regularly for church. Your prayers matter. Let’s be in this together. Let’s move together. “20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20) and “…with God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26).

In Christ our Cornerstone,

Pastor Cheryl

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