Oct 20,2019

Dear Wellspring Ohana & Friends,

Have you heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Thanks to my daughter’s love for vintage and unique finds, I enjoy browsing in thrift stores finding “treasures” at unbelievable prices! So, I am excited for our upcoming Wellspring Treasures Sale on November 1st through 3rd. Ten years ago, we had a church garage sale and I bought two glass top end tables for $5: a perfect addition to my new office space at the time. I still have one to remind me of a great buy and the fun time we had. Yes, I said, “FUN.”

I remember back then people generously donating all kinds of items: massive piles of clothing, housewares, toys, books, and odds and ends. The real treasure, however, was the laughter, teamwork, conversations, and connections that were made with all who came out to volunteer their time to sort, set up, price, sell, and clean up. Friendships formed and grew. It was enjoyable to browse among the tables of merchandise and shop with friends.

In less than two weeks, our church home will again be transformed for three days into a display for treasures. We’re asking you to donate items for sale, and ask your family and friends as well. We’re asking for many helping hands throughout the three days. Why? So that we can raise funds to maintain and improve our church home building. We’re asking you to invite your family and friends to come during those three days to shop!

Picture this: an hour of browsing the rows of tables lined with all kinds of items for sale. As you leave with your bags stuffed full of treasures, you absolutely can’t resist stopping at our “Bake Sale” for your sweet tooth. Alas, before you can make it out of church, you, see plants galore for sale, and you are a plant lover! How can you turn down a house plant at such great prices!? Hands full, you’re ready to leave, but you get a whiff of the hot dogs and suddenly you’re starving! You’ve worked up an appetite with all that shopping, so why not? Did I mention the shave ice we’ll be selling also?

Will you be a part of this great fundraiser and friendraiser? Sign ups are on the whiteboard at the back of the sanctuary. Let’s get ready for some FUN!

Treasured by Our Loving Father,

Pastor Cheryl

21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21 (NIV)

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