Oct 21, 2018

Dear Wellspring Community,

This week was an eventful week for my family. Our shipment of household items arrived on Monday— something the kids were especially thrilled about, considering they’ve been without toys for the past month while everything was in transit. Tuesday my husband Dan and I received a message from the car shipment company that our car had arrived on-island and was ready for pickup. We set up an appointment time for their earliest availability, which happened to be the next afternoon, and were warned that if we missed it we’d have to pay a storage fee until they had another available pick-up time for us.

Dan and I arrived at the pre-arranged pickup location Wednesday afternoon a few minutes early before our appointment and were informed that our car wasn’t there— it was still somewhere on the dock, as they couldn’t get the engine to start. I felt a surge of adrenaline as I saw Dan’s face sink and as I mentally calculated the amount of money we’d have to pay if we didn’t pick up our car from the shipment company that day. To make matters worse, the dock was closing soon.

Madly rushing to get to the dock before it closed for the day, simultaneously arranging for our car to be towed as well as researching nearby repair shops, we ran into an old friend who—surprise, surprise—works for this car shipment company. He had seen our name on the pickup appointment sheet and immediately left his desk to greet us with hugs and aloha.

It was an beautiful and surprising moment in the midst of disappointment and frustration. As I reflected on the events of the day later that evening, (with our car successfully removed from the dock and in a repair shop), I was reminded that unexpected changes like what we experienced with our car can often seem threatening. Sometimes the unexpected change is a small one, like ours was. Sometimes it’s a larger one involving health, finances, a valued relationship, a job, or a carefully-laid plan. In the stress and worry of the moment all the “what-ifs” loom large. We might wish things were different, closer to what we had envisioned or planned, and yet perhaps in the midst of the stress, un-ideal situation or change there is a friend waiting to greet us.

What friend—metaphorical or literal— might be waiting to greet you? In the stressful moments of your life when you’re navigating something you didn’t expect, what surprising blessing might be waiting for you, if you have time to receive it?

This Saturday is Kid’s Day, a special day where members of the Wellspring community get to facilitate quality time (and fun!) for many children and their mothers who are incarcerated at the Women’s Community Correctional Center in Kailua. It’s not an ideal situation for either child or mother. Many would not have planned or expected a prison sentence to be part of their life. It’s my prayer that in the midst of unexpected change and challenges, these families, as well as you and me in our own stressful situations, will be surprised by the kind presence of our Friend Jesus.

With and for you in Christ’s love,

Pastor Rebecca

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