Pastor Dale Retirement Letter

Dear Wellspring Ohana and Friends,

Waves of touching sadness’s, gushes of gratitude, the surge of brief anxious doubts, and assuring calmness have pushed and pulled on me as happens at the oceans shore. This is what has come to me since sharing with you of God’s leading to retire from my call as one of the pastors of Wellspring, wondering thoughts come and go. Daily questions swirl through my thoughts if this is real, is it the best time and way, and what will life be like now. I arrive peacefully with more regularity trusting God each day that this is the time, this is the way God is leading me and leading you into a new transition of renewal.

The slow, yet steady stirring in my soul has been clarified that my time has come to step down from my place as your pastor. It is evident to me this is in order for you to become in new and fresh ways more of the person and family Christ is shaping and inspiring you to be. I hear God’s new call for me to be more present and attentive with Bev. I am lovingly compelled to be more available and supportive to our extended family as well.

The strength of the good Pastoral leadership of Pastor Cheryl and Pastor Rebecca frees me to release you with my full blessing. The substance of good quality hearts for Jesus’ way in your own lives, with each other and to all that God allows you to serve, inspires me to pray with thankful encouragement for you.

My last Sunday with you will be Feb. 23. Already plans are in the making for a meaningful releasing with blessing from me to you, you to me on that Sunday. The wisdom of our denomination guides pastors to give good healthy time and space apart. This is for you to freely discover God’s renewing growth along with your gifted pastors, and your dedicated Servant Leadership Council as a wonderful church family together.

In this season join me to “Trust in the Lord with all our heart, leaning not on our own understanding. In all our ways acknowledge Him. And He will make our paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

I thank God for His gift of you in my life,

Pastor Dale

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