Sept 15, 2019

Dear Wellspring Ohana & Friends,

Yet another summer vacation has come and gone. This week, I am accompanying my son Rylan back to Seattle to help him move into an apartment as he begins his second year in college. It’s been pure joy having him home this summer. It has been comforting to hear his familiar footsteps in the house again, share conversations in passing, and listen and observe the purposeful changes in him that indicate good growth.

Internally, I’ve started the process of preparing to say goodbye (again) and release him to more life experiences that will grow and mature him. Many of you can relate to the “letting go” as you’ve bid loved ones farewell to begin their new adventures that take them further than a car ride away. Remember your heart aching in deep sadness as you tried to put on a brave face, while choking back tears? Letting go means trusting God knows what is best.

Amidst anxiousness that comes from time to time, Rylan knows deep down (as do I) that God will continue to shape and develop him as a young man. What is comforting for me is the realization that our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus relate to these same stirrings as parent and child. God prepared His Son Jesus for greater growth through opportunities, adversities, and meaningful relationships beyond parent and child. So too, this is our hope for ourselves, our children and loved ones. The necessity of going beyond ourselves, beyond the safety of home, and living into new experiences and challenges in life, is part of being a true servant, disciple and encourager of Christ. It’s part of growing our faith. We are ‘faith training’ every single day.

We’re currently in the midst of growing our faith as we face the uncertainty of our church’s increased land lease. Perhaps your faith is being tested in other ways? Faith is facing each day, despite qualms of fear and anxiousness, to allow the Holy Spirit to work in us, listening for Jesus’ calming voice, and responding by living the best that we can with His strength. Faith propels us to new levels and opportunities for growth; to shine the light of Christ into darkness, and in so doing, we invite others to be closer to Christ. We invite others to God’s family of genuineness, kindness and compassion. “So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.” (Gal. 3:26)

In His Faith…… Pastor Cheryl

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