Sept 2, 2018

Dear Wellspring Family & Friends,

Last night, a number of our church family and friends attended a movie night hosted by our Men’s Ministry. The movie, “Like Father, Like Son” was a tear jerker, as two families lives are turned upside down upon finding out that their 6 year old sons were switched at birth and raised by another family. With people telling them to switch the boys back to their birth families, the parents anguish over what is the right thing to do. To switch them back and subject the boys to a brand new family, rules, and lifestyle. Or continue to be the family they are. What defines a “family”? Does love mean letting go of your birth son, knowing he feels more at home with the only family he’s known all these years? The overall takeaway: Love is defined through relationships and our willingness to work through the messy, painful, awkwardness that relationships bring. Thankfully, we know and have a relationship with a God whose love for us can overcome anything we have to face.

Next week Sunday, is Wellspring’s 17th Anniversary. Many of you have shared that your “why” for being here is because of the relationships we’ve built and share together. Whether joyful, sad, lost, broken, ill, or weary, Wellspring is home to deep, genuine, caring relationships. It’s working on ourselves, journeying together, to better understand and receive the depth of God’s love for us, so that we can pour out Christ’s love to others well. It’s where we come together and alongside one another to encourage, equip and empower each other to better. Where love for each other is apparent in how we help and care for each other in most heartfelt meaningful ways. God has been so good to Wellspring, calling Pastor Dale and Bev to begin the story of Wellspring from their home 17 years ago, seeing the church through shipwrecks and storms, sustaining us to continue to reach people so that they will know and experience the love of Christ. This ship will continue to sail with God navigating His way. We hope you will join us next week for a day of celebrating, “How Great is Our God”, and continue to be an important presence here in the life and livelihood of Wellspring. Thank you for your dedicated servant’s hearts and the love you share so well with one another.

For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continue forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation. (Psalm 100:5, NLT)

BeLoved, by Christ,

Pastor Cheryl

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