Sept 30, 2018

The prophet in Isaiah 55:12 assures God’s people that when following God’s way in times of transition we can indeed “Go out with joy and be led forth in peace.”

Our family just finished the process of packing things up, giving away items, and preparing for our move home to O’ahu from Los Angeles. When the hallways in our home were filled with boxes and our children couldn’t find clean socks for school, I was reminded how times of transition don't always feel like they’re brimming over with joy and peace. And yet they’re waiting to be found, just like clean socks peeking out from underneath the mountain of clean clothes waiting to be put away.

Peace and joy. Where might you find them, in big and small ways, if you’re looking for them, today?

Wellspring, too, is going through a time of transition as I join the pastoral staff team alongside Pastor Dale and Pastor Cheryl, starting this Monday, October 1st. As our family left Los Angeles with joy, anticipating the homecoming here, I know we are being led forth in peace, God calming any fears or anxieties that can often accompany the moving and transition process. I pray that you, too, find joy and peace this week, knowing that the God who guides and directs us is the God who also gives us wellsprings of abundant life.

Looking forward to serving you all in love!


Pastor Rebecca

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