Sept 8, 2019

Dear Family and friends,

“Quality of Life”

Happy Birthday Wellspring!

I like to celebrate birthdays.Birthdays are great,“quality of life”, free day of joy.Birthday celebrations are a gift for us to stand in a moment and hold what is good about a person, a family, even a church family such as ours. We show up with words, hugs, cards, sometimes gifts, all because we are grateful. And if it’s ours, we learn to relish the day that we are being reminded that we matter. Wellspring matters to God, to each of us and to many who have felt God’s love here. So we celebrate.This is how we cultivate “quality of life”.

Bev and I are so grateful to be present with you to celebrate this birthday of our Wellspring family. We are finding our way to pause in the good and give thanks. This past Wednesday, we sat in Bev’s doctors office as he explained that there were multiple spots of cancer on her bones. He pointed out on the screen the spots located on her pelvic bone, up her back, her shoulder and on her skull. We were grateful to discover no cancer in her brain, liver or lungs. Yet, the weight of his words that this is considered incurable rested heavily upon us. The doctor was a bit stunned that this cancer actually grew and spread while Bev was being rigorously treated with big doses of chemo and radiation over this past year. We were stunned as well. The doctor explained that this incurable disease has a median life span of three to five years, some live longer, some less. He stated that the new strategy is to try to slow and restrain the spread and impact of the cancer, while also supporting as much “quality of life” for as long as possible for Bev.

Sitting in our living room Wednesday evening with Anthony and Alex, we were all searching our thoughts for words to express how we felt. Bev shared how she felt the idea of “quality of life” the doctor spoke of, was an affirmation of the way we have tried to live our lives. With gratefulness for God’s love to lead in our lives, we have humbly tried to live in receptive responsiveness. Quality of life has been a gift that God has given us as He guided us through many years, many challenges and difficulties, with many joys brought close to heart.

You are true treasures that bring His quality of life to our family, and so many others. Thank you.

Pastor Dale

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