Worship Band & Sound Team

We’re all about experiencing God’s presence! It’s our hope that Wellspring’s worship band encourages, equips, and empowers our church family, facilitating tangible experiences of the presence of God so that healing, refreshment, and renewal may flow.


We’re always looking for more worship team members!


Our prayer is that you may be inspired to live and serve with Christ in new and fresh ways throughout the week as a result of our worship as we seek Christ together.

Contact: Steve Avellana (Worship Band)

and  Eric Keuma (Sound Team)


Contact: Adele Marple


With simple handshakes, hugs, nametags and friendly smiles, we help each person who comes to Wellspring find a place of belonging in God’s family.

Contact: Colleen Itano


The Hospitality Team endeavors to welcome all people to our church family’s table so friendships may deepen in a safe and warm environment as we break bread and share our love of Jesus and lives with one another.

Contact: Susan Soken


Through multimedia, we blend words, images, and timing to enhance worship, announcements, and messages so people may know Jesus.

Contact: Jeanne Keuma


Contact: Alan Matsumoto